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   The IGHMB is a civilian association that holds cultural and scientific projects aimed at “promoting studies in the area of Geography,Military History, Strategy and Geopolitics, as well as stimulating and,performing civic worship on personalities, actions and glorious facts of Brazil’s history”.
   The Institute constitutes a juridical non-profit organization. It is neither subordinated to the Ministry of Defense nor to any cultural, military or civilian organization, whether or not official. It doesn’t accept any kind of discrimination - either of race, gender, religious belief or political view.
   Its goals are as follows:
   - to preserve the national memory of personalities, actions and facts concerning our Military History;
   - to study, search and investigate the facts, personalities, and historical episodes, aiming at their better clarification;
   - to keep its social board updated regarding national and international contexts, strategic thinking, as well as real and potential threats, all in the area of knowledge of its performance;
   - to stimulate studies on Geography, Military History, Strategy and Geopolitics, within the military and civilian courses at undergraduate and post-graduate level.
   The IGHMB was created on 1936, in a solemn session at The Military Club. As a result of the idealism of some intelectual Navy and Army officers, it was born out of Captain Severino Sombra de Albuquerque’s initiative. In the beginning, it was named “Brazilian Military Society of History and Geography”, but soon it became “Institute of Geography and Military History of Brazil”. Officially installed on November 15, 1938, in that same association, the Institute remained there until 1941.
   It received, in 1941, the adhesion of the newly created Brazilian Air Force and along its history has incorporated civilians and members of the uniformed police forces.
   From 1941 to 1997, it has been installed in several locations: within the Brazilian Historic and Geographic Institute (IHGB), at the ancient “Brazilian Syllogeum”; in the Military Library (currently Army Library); in the Monroe Palace, next to the extinct General Staff of the Armed Forces headquarters (EMFA) and at Duque de Caxias Palace (Palácio Duque de Caxias - PDC).
   From 1998 to 2019, has occupied the second floor of the Historic House of Deodoro (CHD), in the old Campo de Santana, from where Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca left to proclaim the Republic in 1889.
   In 2020, it moved to the current headquarters, within the Military Club, the head facilities.

      Since 1941, it has been the publisher of the world’s second oldest magazine in Military History.

Official advisory body on Geography and Military History

Public utility body of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Additional studies targets: History, Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Development, CT&I (Science, Technology and Innovation), Defense, Defense Industry, Logistics, Intelligence, Public Security, Museology, Archival Science, Archeology, Librarianship and Social Sciences.

Opening hours: tuesdays, from 2:00 p.m.
to 5:00 p.m.
(The Military Club opens every weekday, in the afternoon).

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